The organisers of The Hills Are Alive! would like to personally thank every single person who has ever been involved in the Hills community in any and everyway. Whether it be performing, attending, working, volunteering, donating, photographing, offering a drink or some food to a stranger, introducing yourself to someone you don’t know, or dancing like no-ones watching, you’ve all made the Hills something so incredibly unique and special. We can never thank-you all enough and we can’t wait to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary with you all. So much love. Cheers!

The Hills Are Alive 2017 (Hills #9)

Arguably one of the best Hills’ gatherings yet! Beautiful weather, great-vibing people and a stellar line-up including some hilarious comedians. New additions this year included the Family Bus, the stage screen and Mr Mooyagi’s Cowraoke (following its incredibly well received debut at NYE). Oh yes, and we also had that incredible sunset with the silhouetted cows in the distance. Ah, the memories.

Lineup included: Dope Lemon (Angus Stone), Cloud Control, Amy Shark, Ocean Alley, Northeast Party House, The Hard Aches, REMI, Dave O’Neil, Geraldine Hickey, Bob Franklin and more!

The Hills Are Alive 2016 (Hills #8)

Such a great vibe. Amazing people. Incredible sunset. Awesome music. Lots of glitter. The one-and-only Barry Morgan. The introduction of the Shipping Container Bar and DJ Safety’s debut at Hills and the very late night surprise artist I’m-Re.

Line-up included Bad//Dreems, Ngaiire, Tash Sultana, The Belligerents, EA^ST Tired Lion, Alex Lahey, Child, Running Touch and more.

Gallery: Hills 2016 by Ant Hellier

The Hills Are Alive 2015 (Hills #7)

One of two years that we didn’t make a video (and will forever regret it!). SAFIA, REMI, Luca Brasi and Harts and Marlon Williams all joined us. The Giant Connect Four, Giant Jenga both appeared for the first time, as did the now infamous (for long-hike scrabble players) ‘The Hills Are Alive’ Hollywood sign.

Line-up included SAFIA, REMI, Luca Brasi, Harts, Marlon Williams, ASTA Lanks, Fortunes, Baro, Matt O’kine and more.

Gallery: Hills 2015 by Lauren Murphy

Gallery: Hills 2015 by Ant Hellier

The Hills Are Alive 2014 (Hills #6)

Sticky Fingers, Tkay Maidza, Jakubi and more all came and captivated the Hills crowd. Bad News Toilet and their incredible ‘costume party DJ set’ debuted on the Hill for the first time and Little Bastard recorded an episode of ‘Live From the Farm’ mid-festival.

Line-up included Sticky Fingers, Tkay Maidza, Jakubi, Fractures, Willow Beats, Little Bastard, Mikwaukee Banks, Bad News Toiler, The Horns of Leroy and more.

Video: Uncle Phil Yodelling

Video: Tkay Maidza

Video: Sticky Fingers

Video: Horns of Leroy

The Hills Are Alive 2013 (Hills #5)

The year that Vance Joy, Courtney Barnet, Saskwatch, REMI and New Navy all played. Royal Blood (yes THAT Royal Blood from the UK) were also booked to play but had to pull-out last minute. The Bar was introduced for the first time (with tap beer and cocktails!) and Real Slinger the DJ debuted on the Hill dressed as a Ghost Buster complete with Marshmallow and Slimer side-kicks. This was the year the perFARMance THAAtre was born and was also the first year that Al and Anna’s Music Rant and Manchoir joined us for Hills!

Line-up included Vance Joy, Courtney Barnet, REMI, Saskwatch, New Navy, Manchoir, Battleships, Eagle and the Worm, Jordie Lane, Manchoir and Fossil Fuel (for the 5th year in a row!) and more.

The Hills Are Alive 2012 (Hills #4)

More friends-of-friends, more fun. Jackson Firebird, Saskwatch and Joelistics all played incredible stand-out sets. Polo Club released giant balls into the crowd. Barnyard Buddies mad their first appearance. It was a little windy and chilly, but beautiful. The festival finished with the first (of many to come) great vibing hay-throwing-hoedown.

Line-up included Saskwatch, Alpine, Jackson Firebird, Joelistics, Playwrite, Diafrix, The Bedroom Philosopher, I, a Man and more.

The Hills Are Alive 2011 (Hills #3)

“Has anybody seen Lauren?”. Following the mysterious disappearance of a good-vibing-friend-of-a-friend everything was put back to smiles when Dan Kelly invited Lauren on to the stage to find-out exactly where she’d been and what she’d been up to. A truly incredible storm vs. sunset this year. Polo Club returned dressed as animals and a bagpiper graced the Hill for the first time for the ‘wake-up’ call. Good times.

Line-up included Dan Kelly, DZ Deathrays, Eagle and the Worm, Polo Club, Rapids and more.

Video: The 2011 Hills Dancefloor

The Hills Are Alive 2010 (Hills #2)

After such an amazing time the first year, how could we not do it again? Friends and family who came in 2009 invited more friends to come this time. The now annual ‘Gumboot Toss’ competition was born, Polo Club played the highlight set of the festival with their ‘Raiden’ costumes. The ‘Robot Dancers’ Kiss’ was etched in Hills’ folkslore, and there was even a three-hole home-made mini golf course based on the then-current ‘Tiger Woods Infidelity’ saga.

Line-up included Black Market Rhythm Co., Direct Influence, Polo Club, Russian Roulettes, Wilson Dixon and more.

Video: The Polo Club Robots Kiss

Video: The Polo Club Dancers

Video: DJ MANGOHIG and The Dancing Hill

The Hills Are Alive 2009 (Hills #1)

The first ever Hills. Dreamt up lying awake one night in a coal-heated bedroom (shared by three people) on a winter’s night in Berlin. Twelve friends’ bands all agreed to play for $100 each. Three-hundred-and-thirty-four ‘friends and friends-of-friends’ came to dance, camp, share drinks and essentially create the unique ‘Hills’ Vibe’ that still lives on today. Special shout-out to the ‘Cheese Excursion Dancer(s)’ for helping create the enduring Hills’ ‘There’s no egos out here, dance like no-one’s watching’ policy. And yes, that is a myspace link on the poster!

Line-up included Long Walk Home, .Hinge, Polo Club, Lamplight, A State of Flux, and The Vulpine and more.

Video: The Cheese Excursion Dancers

Video: Long Walk Home Live